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Aug 1

Summer fungus

pic: Daisuke Yokota

Imbogodom - Summer Fungus (2013)

Jul 29

Mondkopf Interview




Photo by Camille Collin

Known for his intense, gripping electronic sounds and thrilling live performances, French maestro Paul Régimbeau aka Mondkopf has furthered his musical progression with the release of his latest incredible album entitled ‘Hadès. We caught up with Paul to talk about extreme metal, incorporating a sense of apocalyptical sense to his music and the overwhelming feeling of performing onstage…

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Jul 26

Bhima’s theme

pic: Delaney Allen

Om - Bhima’s Theme (2007)

Jul 24

Mother of serpents

pic: Mike Mellia

Electric Wizard - Mother Of Serpents (2002)

Jul 19

Echos Festival

June, 2014



pic: Alexis Vasilikos

Dalglish - Oidhche (2013)

Jul 11


pic: Shōmei Tōmatsu

John Avery - Almost (1986)

Jun 16

In the hall of Chamaerop


pic: Joel Nigel Coleman

Botanist - In The Hall Of Chamaerops (2011)

Jun 9

Wolf at the door


pic: Miyako Ishiuchi

Greymachine - Wolf At The Door (2009)

Jun 2

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