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Jul 19

Echos Festival

June, 2014



pic: Alexis Vasilikos

Dalglish - Oidhche (2013)

Jul 11


pic: Shōmei Tōmatsu

John Avery - Almost (1986)

Jun 16

In the hall of Chamaerop


pic: Joel Nigel Coleman

Botanist - In The Hall Of Chamaerops (2011)

Jun 9

Wolf at the door


pic: Miyako Ishiuchi

Greymachine - Wolf At The Door (2009)

Jun 2

Jun 1

Video by Hugo Saugier.
Song from “Above Us” LP to be released on In Paradisum.

May 27

Dead people’s things

pic: Henrik Malmstrom

Deathprod - Dead People’s Things (2004)

May 19

This little babe

pic: Mo Costello

Benjamin Britten - This Little Babe (1941)

May 13

Two of me (Parts one and two)


pic: Robert Gaudette

O.L.D. - Two Of Me (Parts One And Two) (1993)

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